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Our activities

Our climbing gym has lots of different options, for kids and adults.

Our philosophy

Chris Sharma

When I was 12 years old, my life changed forever the moment that I walked into the local climbing gym in Santa Cruz, California. I learned that through a supportive community of inspired friends (my extended family), I was able to accomplish things way beyond my imagination.

So right here, next to the Mediterranean Sea in my hometown of Barcelona, a small team and I are building a new climbing gym to share the wonderful experience of climbing with you.

The vision is to create a world class climbing and training space for all climbers who want to try this incredible sport, ­a special place for the local and international community to gather and create an environment of positive, collaborative energy.

We look forward to Sharma Climbing BCN becoming a destination for us all to realize our climbing dreams!



Volvemos con la tercera edición del Open Sharma Climbing BCN.Como el año pasado, habrá un montón de bloques, música en directo y sorteo de material.

Todos los escaladores y escaladoras que quieran pasar un día fanático y compartir con la comunidad de Sharma Climbing BCN

Dates: 1 Junio 2019
Schedule: Desde 9 am
Place: Sharma Climbing BCN

Price: 25€
Members: 20€