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Our climbing gym has lots of different options, for kids and adults.

Our philosophy

Chris Sharma

When I was 12 years old, my life changed forever the moment that I walked into the local climbing gym in Santa Cruz, California. I learned that through a supportive community of inspired friends (my extended family), I was able to accomplish things way beyond my imagination.

So right here, next to the Mediterranean Sea in my hometown of Barcelona, a small team and I are building a new climbing gym to share the wonderful experience of climbing with you.

The vision is to create a world class climbing and training space for all climbers who want to try this incredible sport, ­a special place for the local and international community to gather and create an environment of positive, collaborative energy.

We look forward to Sharma Climbing BCN becoming a destination for us all to realize our climbing dreams!


1st. Open Sharma

Everything is ready for the first OPEN SHARMA CLIMBING BCN, September 16th, 2017 which is going to be in our climbing gym at Carrer Marroc 204. This event is going to be open to everyone from 12 years and above.

Is going to be an amazing experience for everyone who climbs, it doesn't matter your climbing level, so come and enjoy! There won't be any judge, every climber will have his/her own scorecard that will fill up by itself. That means we trust every result of the "competition"

Difficulty will be shown by the sticker colour and number at the beggining of the route (coulours will match our colour sistem) this will make easier everything. Most of the boulders will be between 6b & 7b+ (there will be easier and more difficult problems as well).

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Chris Sharma, Escalada

Fechas: October 16th, 2017
Horario: Whole day
Lugar: Sharma Climbing BCN

Precio: 25
Socios: FREE